About Top Draw Promotions

Our Mission
To provide sport development in the community from junior to senior level.
To raise the profile of your club within the local community.
To pass on any benefits/discounts offered to the membership.

It costs a lot of money to run a football club nowadays, more than most people think. Most chairmen subsidies their clubs out of their own pockets but more often than not this is not enough.

Fund raising is now becoming paramount to most clubs survival. One of the main ways of this is to raffle bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates etc, at matches, however it is the same parents purchasing these and often re-donating them for the following home game.

This money is well used but still not enough.

The committee members have their own ways of fund raising, however with the best will in the world, they are usually parents themselves trying to coax friends and relatives, once again this source is limited.

This is where the Community Scheme comes into its own, with clubs pooling resources and experience, to help work together.

Software is expensive and makes most schemes to expensive to run leaving no money for the club, by sharing the cost it then becomes much more viable.

The Community Scheme is run by Top Draw Promotions Limited who specialize in raising badly needed funds for junior level clubs, in fact it has been acknowledged, that some junior football clubs would not be here had they not participated in the Community Scheme.